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Tree of Hope

The Tree of Hope has been set up in the front entrance of the Cold Lake Hospital for over a decade. It has become something people look forward to seeing during the holidays, and brings some cheer to those who visit and work at the hospital.

Unfortunately due to COVID measures, we are unable to set up the physical tree but have decided to set up a virtual one here.

What is the point you might ask?

The tree of hope is not only a fundraiser or a decoration or a tradition.

The tree of hope is a way for people to remember those they have lost around the holidays and throughout the year. It is a symbol to look at and have a moment remembering the holidays from years ago when that loved one was with us around the tree, and using that moment to grieve again. And it is also a way of reframing hope, of being thankful for the memories and the moments we shared, and being grateful for who we have to share the holiday season with this year.

So this year we would like to invite you to take a moment, and rember your loved ones who can’t be with you during the holidays anymore. Take a moment to let the grief in. Then leave a comment below in memory of your loved one. Write a tribute, a story, a memory or a funny joke you shared together.

Know that the holidays can be very lonely for some, reach out to them by phone, FaceTime or a letter in the mail. Leave some cookies on their doorstep.

In summary, the tree of hope is a reminder that you are not alone in your grief. 

Leave Your Message of Hope Below

There is no cost to post below, but if you would like to make a donation in memory of someone please click the donate button above. Any donations received go towards improving palliative care in the Lakeland and covering expenses not covered by health care.

Please Note: All comments will need to be approved by our staff before they appear below.

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  1. Deacon Ross

    This year my thoughts are with my children’s teachers struggling to work. I hope things can return to normal soon and they can get back to making the world a better place for all of us, especially our children.


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